Stairway Bunk Beds

Date November 24, 2008

Over the past few years, I’ve been asked many times about stairway , or bunk beds that have stairs instead of a ladder to get to the top bunk. Having stairs instead of a ladder has one major advantage, safety. If you are worried about your kids actually climbing a ladder and whether or not they can handle it, especially when you can’t be with them every second, and believe me it only takes one second of not paying attention for a child to get hurt, then stairs is probably for you.

Having stairs lead to the top of the bunk is not only a crucial safety feature, but it can make going to bed on the top bunk fun, as if it weren’t fun enough, I guess what I meant was more fun. Remember how much fun it was for you as a kid when you got to sleep on the top bunk? It was almost a feeling of independence as a kid, freedom from the floor and the rest of the world.

Another great feature that stairs provide is the ability to have storage underneath these stairs. I’ve seen a few sets where drawers have been built to utilize this space nicely. In fact, it’s like having a dresser on the end of the bunk beds that will store all your clothes. Think of it, two beds and a dresser all built into one unit, now that’s extreme practicality.

Now that we’ve defined the benefits of having stairs lead to the top bed on your bunk beds, let’s discuss the downside. Can you think of any? Well, there is really only one drawback and if you can work around it, you will have no problems. Since the stairs are typically built on the end of the bunk beds, you will need more room to accommodate the bunk bed set, more room lengthwise that is, and this is where most bedroom floor plans fall short. You might be able to get the bed in against the longest wall and have it fit rather nicely, but then you find the drawer option that is going to house all your kids clothes doesn’t work. That is, there isn’t enough room to even open the drawers.

So as a good rule of thumb, make sure you know where you would like your new bed to fit in the room, take some measurements, find out the entire length of the bunk bed including the stairs, and then add twenty four inches on top of that if you expect to have drawers at the end. Remember, not only does the drawer have to open all the way up, but you have to be able to get in there at the same time.

One other thing to keep in mind when planning out space in the room for your bunk bed, remember that the stairs, and therefore, the drawers, will only be able to fit on one end. That is you won’t be able to reverse the stairs and put them at the other end of the bed.

Hopefully this article has given you a few tips about buying stairway bunk beds and some decisions that need to be made. Having a set of stairs instead of a ladder will give you much needed peace of mind, especially when it comes to kids.

To view more info on a great set of stairway bunk beds click on the following;

Stairway Twin Over Twin Bunk Beds

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  1. Melody Lynn said:

    My boys would love to have this bed as well but I also cannot afford it being a single parent. I would like to have blueprints or plans for this bed please. My email is

  2. Cassandra said:

    I would love to have this bed made for my sons. Please send me blueprints or plans for this bed. My email is

  3. Brian said:

    Hey there, I see that so many people are looking for the plans to build bunk beds and the stairs. I too am looking for the plans for the stairs. I build high quality bunk beds for less and I would love to get the plans for the stairs. The ones that I have for the stairs is horrible. They don't explain anything other than a few measurements. So if anyone has found them let me know.

  4. danielle said:

    i just printed the pictures out and took them to a cabinet marker. he got the basic idea and is going to build me one to look sort of the same style as the Stairway Bunk Beds. since they don't seem to be sold in australia. not that i can find anyway.

  5. Crystal said:

    If anyone has plans for the staircase bunkbeds please email me at I have 2 boys and this would be perfect for them! Thanks

  6. Iulia said:

    I am toointerested to find blueprints/plans for these stairway bunk beds i would also be appreciative of a copy. I would like blueprints for a trundele bed also.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Nora M. said:

    I am interested to find blueprints/plans for these stairway bunk beds

  8. mr Kalenuik said:

    I would like plans to this bed as well if you guys have found them. Please send to

  9. Ollie said:

    Need blueprint to stairway bed.

  10. Sebas said:

    I would like plans to this bed as well if you guys have found them. Please send to

  11. baby momma said:

    Email me the plans too if you have them.

  12. holly said:

    I would love to have these plans if available! Any ideas on how to get them would be appreciated. Thanks!

  13. Angel said:

    Would love the blueprint, if available….LOVE them!

  14. Linda said:

    For plans go to for a versatile set of plans with stair storage.

  15. Rebecca Davis said:

    I would like to know where i can get the plans or blueprint for the stairway bunk beds

  16. REG BROWEN said:

    please send blue prints for the stair way bunkbeds.

  17. Bonnie said:

    My husband would love to build these also. Where did anyone get the plans? Saw the ones at tlkfixit but would like side drawers and not stair drawers.

  18. Kylie said:

    if any one has free plans for this bed would love a copy for my girls please email to

  19. Lee Ann said:

    I would absolutely love to have a copy of the plans to build this bed for my daughter for Christmas! If anyone has it, please email it to me at
    Thank you soo much!!

  20. Jen Robinson said:

    I would LOVE the plans as well! Please email to: Thanks!!

  21. Aften Melton said:

    I would like to have a copy of the plans to build this bunk bed for my daughter for Christmas as well. If anyone has them, please email them to:

    Thank you!!!

  22. Neil Murrell said:

    I will like a blueprint of these plans please, send to

  23. Al said:

    I would love to have plans to build these bunk beds!! If anyone has them please send them to alwynsma@*****.com Thanks.

  24. TANIA said:

    Hi, is ther a way i could get the plan for just the stair part.. my boys have bunkbeds but it has a ladder and i would like stairs for it.. if someone knows where i could find just the stairs or some kind of blueprint to build it myself.. would really be apreciated, thank you

  25. s Hall said:

    I also would love to get plans… living in Hawaii and too expansive to ship beds.

  26. Brandy said:

    Would love to get plans for the bunkbed pictures above. Does anyone know where I could get the plans?

  27. Hugh said:

    I would really appreciate a copy of these plans, how do I get them? I see lots of requests but no answers? :-( send to if you have or know where to get them. Thanks!

  28. Jeff said:

    I would like a set of plans for a stair case twin over twin bunk bed with storage please. My boy will love it!

  29. poopnishkiwa said:

    i think it should be more cute

  30. Jarred said:

    Looking for a set of plans for this bunk bed with storage in the stairs and possibly under the bed. Please Help! I have been looking everywhere. Thank You.

  31. james said:

    I'm looking for plans to build this bunk bed. Can you please tell me if you know where i can purchase or if you have this one yourself.

    thank you

  32. james said:

    i want to order this plan tell me how

  33. Darren said:

    Did anyone find the plans? can you send them on or tell me where I can find them?
    Thanks, Darren

  34. Kristen said:

    plans please anyone?? i have started to make one by myself and im stuck now please if you have the plans help me..

  35. angela pugh said:

    We have been looking for a bed like this with no luck. Do you have any idea where in Australia can I buy a bunk bed with stairs, like the one in the picture? Or is there a way of affordably getting one to us

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