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Which type of bunk bed are you looking for?

Yes, there are different types of bunk beds these days, here's a brief review of each;

Standard Bunk Bed

Standard bunk beds are just traditional bunk beds having essentially two beds, one stacked on top of the other, so there are two mattresses and two places to sleep.

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Futon Bunk Bed

Futon Bunk beds offer a bed/mattress on top and on the bottom there is a futon or something similar to a couch. This arrangement is great if you need a bed and a futon/couch in your room and you just don't have the space. Or just because you like the looks.

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Loft Bunk Beds

Loft bunk beds are basically a top bunk with no bottom bunk, the area is empty. It's equivalent to taking your bed and raising it 5 feet off the ground. What this does is give you space to put a desk, dresser, or other type of storage.

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Twin Over Full

This style is the same as a traditional standard bunk bed, however the bottom bed or mattress is a full size, so it is larger than the typical twin size mattress on top.

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