Stairway Bunk Bed Plans

Build This Beautiful Bed Yourself

Build This Beautiful Bed Yourself

At long last, we finally have available a complete set of stairway bunk bed plans for sale! These plans include a complete parts list, detailed drawings, photos, and a list of the tools needed. The plans are the most complete and detailed plans available on the Internet right now for you to make your own bunk beds.

The plans show you how you can use the bed as a bunk bed or loft bed, with or without the storage chest (included). As an option, you can also place a twin size bed perpendicular in place of the lower bed.  Additionally, the plans include an optional lower chest drawer, a trundle bed, and/or full size bed.

The top rail covers the entire length of the bed for safety, yet drops down so you can easily tuck your child in at night. The stairs are sturdy enough for grown-ups to climb. The plans also include storage underneath each stair, if desired.

The bed is made of standard stock lumber and requires a drill, chop saw or circular saw, router, dowel jig, and sander. The skill level needed is considered moderate.

Everything you need to know is included in these plans.  Plans are available for immediate download once payment is made.

**Just added, full set of plans for a full over full bunk bed set-up, now included with the twin over twin.

Sample screen shots of various pages below;




(Immediate download link sent to your email after payment)

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156 Responses to “Stairway Bunk Bed Plans”

  1. Greg said:

    Does the insert require a mattress and box-spring or does it require a mattress/box-spring combo?

  2. Linda said:

    Hello Greg… You will not need box springs…. the bed provides bed slats and 1/2" MDF as a mattress support.


  3. Greg said:

    Can you send me a materials list for the bunk beds with stairs? I am interested
    in getting the plans, but I want to know the cost of lumber before I make my
    final decision. Thank you.

  4. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Greg, you can find the materials list here;

    Stairway Bunk Bed Plans Material List


  5. Craig said:

    I was thinking of buying the stairway bunk bed plans, but would like to kno how tall if is and what's the estimated cost of materials and can you send me more pics of it as a true bunk bed, not a loft thanks

  6. Linda said:

    Hello Craig…. The height of the bed is 74", length is 103 including the stair case, width is 46 for the twin bed, 61 for a full bed. The twin bed has a 9" bumpout for the bottom step as seen in the drawing.

    I wish I could send you more photos, but my daughter currently is using it as a loft and storing a crib for the little guy under the loft along with the finished chest of drawers that slides under the bed. When he's ready for the lower bunk as a bed I'll be making the storage drawers included in the plan that go under the lower bunk.

    As you see the drawing/photo on the web site, the lower bunk is exactly the same as the upper…. it's two 5 1/2 x 3×4 wood side rails, with three slats as the attached photo indicates. I placed a 1/2" thick piece of MDF over the slats to form a full size platform for the mattress in lieu of a box springs (too much height with box springs).

  7. John said:

    Do you have dimensions for the Stairway buck for which you sell the plans? Also, do you have estimated materials costs in different types of wood (Pine and Oak)? I love the look, but want to ensure it will fit in the room. Thanks.

  8. Linda said:

    The length of the bed section is 79", add the 24" for the stairs and that's 103". Width is 46" for the twin, with the bottom stair sticking out about 10", and the width on the full is 61" and the length is the same. Linda

  9. Cassie said:

    Do you have the option anywhere to make the staircase bunk bed with a full size mattress for the bottom instead of a twin?

    Thanks so much!

  10. cindi said:

    I was wanting to if it was possible to have the bottom bunk be on coaster

  11. Cathy Cohen said:

    do the stair bunk bed plans come in full over full or twin over full options?

  12. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Hi Cathy, the plans are for a twin over twin, or a full over full arrangement. Both are included in the downloadable pdf.

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  14. Kathy said:

    Are the full over full bunks sturdy enough for four adults to be used at a cabin?

  15. Jim Coulombe said:

    Stupid question, Do the plans show you how to assemble then disassemble then reassemble?

  16. Linda said:

    I would not recommend two adults on upper bunk. Significant structural changes to bed rails and slats to accommodate the extra weight would have to be made.

  17. Linda said:

    Bunk bed disassembles to a stair section, an end panel, a single back top handrail, four bed rails and bed slats. Plans are specific on assembly, but do not include specific disassembly instructions.

  18. Matt Bender said:

    Are the plans for the stairway bunkbed available with the stairs on the right side instead of the left?

  19. Linda said:

    The plans for the bed are with the stairs on the left, but could be easily reversed by the builder..

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  21. SR in NE said:

    We purchased these plans, and they really are quite good! We're in process of building, and have found one glitch (at least for us)…What are the dimensions for cutting the stringers for the stair support?…We see where they are supposed to go, and we see where to cut them out of plywood, but we do not see how big to make the cuts…can we assume from information elsewhere in the plan that we should cut 9.5" squares along the stringer diagonal?

  22. SR in NE said:

    On second thought…perhaps a better way to post my question is this: How tall are each of the stair intervals? If I was standing on one of the stairs, would the next stair be 9.5" up?

  23. Linda said:

    The stringers are cut out of 3/4" pine material and the steps are 9 1/2 high and 9 1/2 deep.

  24. Camie said:

    i have a dumb question. With these bunkbed plans – do you purchase a regular twin mattress or bunkbed twin mattresses?

  25. Deanne said:

    Was wondering can the stairs be put on either side of bed?

  26. Linda said:

    Plans are written for the stairs to be on the left side of unit when you're facing it… but could easily be reversed after reviewing the instructions by just reversing the two stairway side panels and mounting the bed rails on the appropriate side. Not hard to do.


  27. Joanna said:

    I read in the description that you can place the lower bunk perpendicular to the upper bunk, but it mentioned nothing about it being included in the plans like with the trundle option, would the change be included in the plans once purchased?

  28. Linda said:

    To place a the lower bunk perpendicular there are no plans… they would simply use a standard twin or full bed frame and place perpendicular to the upper bunk. There is room for either to fit under the upper bunk. with room for a nitestand if desired.


  29. Ken said:

    Can the overall lenght of 103" be scaled down at all without losing any structural integrity? My space is only 93" long. Thank you

  30. Linda said:

    The bed itself for the mattress and the end panels is 81"… that would leave only 12" wide for the stairs… not wide enough in my opinion. The mattress opening is 75", which allows for a standard twin mattress. You could shorten that 75" opening if you could find a shorter "youth" mattress if that is an option.

  31. Rich said:

    Anybody who has ordered this can…you email me with thoughts of the plans…

    nyjets53 at

  32. JAIME said:

    Hi, how long does it usually take to get the plans emailed to us? I paid and I'm not seeing the plans yet.

  33. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Jaime, you should receive an email with the download link just a few seconds after payment, although this depends on traffic through PayPal and their server. I've seen it take up to an hour to receive, so please be patient.

    If you don't receive it, I can email you directly.

    Also, I notice you have a yahoo email address. They are very fussy and a lot of emails don't get through. Please check your spam folder to see if there is an email from Bunk Beds Central there.

    Let me know if you can't find it…

  34. Jayne said:

    Is this plan available with a twin top and a full bottom?

  35. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Sorry Jayne, but at this time the plans are only twin over twin or full over full.

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  37. Gary Owens said:

    I buy most of my lumber by the board feet. Can you tell me how many board feet of 3/4 inch lumber it takes to build this bed. Thanks Gary

  38. Kacy said:

    wondering if you have these plans for a full over queen available.

  39. Dave said:

    Does anyone have an estimate on how much this will cost to complete?

  40. Kati said:

    I see on an earlier post you wouldn't recommend shortening to 93". Is there a possibility of shortening it a little but not going to 93"? Also, is this the only set of plans you have for stairway bunk beds?


  41. Linda said:

    The bed (mattress and end panels) is a total of 78". The additional end panel on the other side of the stairs is 2.5 inches, leaving a stair way of 22.5 " wide which is reasonable. the drawer openings are currently 18", making for drawers 17" wide (16" inside dimension). For every inch the stairway is narrowed the drawers become more narrow. I suppose you could create a stairway as narrow as you think is acceptable for your child, keeping in mind that it is an "enclosed" stairway and at what point the drawers become so narrow they are almost useless.


  42. Bubba said:

    How much do the material cost , ball park ? I seen this bed at a furniture store for a outrageous price .

  43. Jennifer said:

    For those that have made this…about how much did it cost to make? We are looking at purchasing one, but may build if much cheaper…

  44. debra holm said:

    We would be making these bunk beds for dorms, adults will be using them, are
    they strong enough?

    If not what would we need to do to make them stronger?

  45. Cindy said:

    You give 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" for steps, but what are the dimensions you start at for stringers?

  46. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Cindy. You will need to start with a 1×12 piece of pine, six feet long. Cut 90degree cutouts 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches. Look at the picture on page eight to see what they should look like. You will square off the top step at 9 1/2 inches and cut off excess off the bottom step. It should look like the photo.


  47. Bob Foster said:

    I was wondering if you can modify the plans to build this with 4 twin beds with the staircase in the middle. So you would have 4 bunk beds with 1 shared staircase?

  48. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Bob, all you would have to do is build another set of beds in a mirror image of the first and then just connect them with the stairs. Sounds like it would be a great project.


  49. Mick N said:

    How would I go about making the bottom bed a futon?

  50. Jon said:

    I'm trying to estimate the cost of building the stairway bunk beds (twin over twin) with the storage drawers below the bottom bunk. The plan has several parts lists…which parts lists (pages) should I refer to given my goal?

  51. Jessica said:

    I am very very interested in building this bed! Anyone who may have built this can you please email me and let me know approx. cost? Thank you!

  52. Kdonahue said:

    I see that there are a few posts inquiring as to the ballpark lumber costs but don't see an answer. Any info would be greatly appreciated and help in making the decision to purchase the plans. Thanks!

  53. Kim said:

    Do these plans have the option to have a full bed on top and a twin bed on bottom? Also, does the stairway have drawers?

  54. derek leaver said:

    Are these plan available by mail? I have a lousy printer.

  55. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Derek, once purchased, just email us with your mailing address and we can send the plans to you in the mail.

  56. Carol said:

    I would like to put the (twin) bunk bed over a queen bed. Can the plans be adjusted for this?

  57. Rachael said:

    We just saw something similar at a local furniture store this past weekend. The only differences with these plans and the one we saw was drawers up the side of the stairs and storage drawers underneath. Oh and the other one was a twin over full. Of course the hubby insisted he can build one better than the one in the store, so I am happy to actually find plans we can use as a baseline!

  58. michael frost said:

    hi, i live in australia and only really use metric measurements do the plans come in metric or the old imperial(standard) measurements.
    cheers michael.

  59. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Sorry Micheal, you would have to convert all the measurements to metric. The US will never embrace the much more "organized" metric system. Not in my lifetime anyway.

  60. Barbara said:

    You provided the materials list for the twin bed in response to an earlier request. Do you also have a materials list you can post for the full bed loft option? I am considering building the full bed loft with stairs with the bottom left open for shelves or a desk. You show a brace spanning this opening at the bottom. Can the unit be modified to remove this brace, like others I have seen without making it unsafe? If this unit is going to be used for and adult can lumber greater than 3/4 be used to make stronger? If making the full bed loft option do you need additional supports for the MDF?

  61. Tom said:

    How many pages total are the plans? This looks fantastic. I'm hoping to build this for my daughter.

  62. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Hi Tom, there are 34 pages total for the plans. They are very thorough and there is support available if you need any help throughout the project.


  63. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Barbara, I am leery about doing a full size loft bed for adult weight. I did a set of plans for children that I have included, but I personally don't recommend an upper full size loft. You would definitely have to beef up the bed side rails and the bed slats. I've not done any stress testing on full upper bunk so it's a "do at your own risk" issue… I like the bottom brace between the stairs and end panel to assure that the end panel will not shift under weight or movement in the loft bunk.


  64. Michelle said:

    I would love to see an answer for the approximate cost. I'm interested in just a loft, no bed on the bottom for a teen.

  65. edwin said:

    This is my first time woodworking and I would like to build this project. My question is: what is the best type of wood to use and where do you normally find the best prices.

    I checked some big box stores and the wood on the materials list seems to come out very expensive.

  66. Linda said:

    Ed…. if you're going to paint the bed you could use poplar, doesn't stain well, but is good for a painted finish. Pine is less expensive, but not a hard wood so will not last as long…won't be as durable. I used red oak, cheapest of hardwoods, but still very durable. I suggest taking the materials listing and go to some regular lumber yards. Lowes and Home depot don't carry the best of quality woods, not sure about Mendards… but I found the best prices at a local small lumber store. Their lumber was stored flat so less warping and twisting and fewer surface damage. If you can find good pine at a lumber yard that would be the least expensive. Consider this a piece of furniture…not cheap if you build it to last…. but an heirloom you put your heart into. Linda

  67. Kim said:

    Just want to verify that these set of plans include the stairway bunk plan for a full size bed.

  68. Don said:

    Hi Kim, yes.. The plans include a twin over twin as well as a full over full version.

  69. kim said:

    This question keeps getting ignored…how much does the materials cost? I want to know before I purchase the plans. Please answer. Total cost at Rooms To Go Kids was about $1400. Thanks.

  70. Linda said:

    Estimated costs is difficult… so much depends upon lumber in your area and what kind of drawer hardware you choose. I chose top notch piston drawer glides that close themselves and clear (no knots) red oak. Cost for me in Michigan was about $1200.00 using those high end materials. I'll attach a material listing so you can price it yourself locally with what lumber you choose. I hope this helps. Linda

    Stairway Bunk Bed Plans Material List

  71. kim said:

    Thank you Linda!

  72. Greg said:

    Is there any chance that these plans could be stretched to accommodate an xl twin mattress on top, or would that be deemed unsafe?

  73. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Greg…. I think an extra long twin mattress on top would not be a problem… you would have some adjustments to make with the rail lengths, and I would add an extra mattress support brace, but shouldn't be an issue.


  74. Carrie said:

    I love the idea of the stairway bunk. I am in need of a full sized with a desk underneath. Are these plans doable for such a thing or do you have another set of plans for such?

  75. Linda said:

    The bed was designed as an upper twin bunk that could be used as a loft bed or add a single bunk underneath, or even a double bed for the lower bunk or trundle. I would not advise creating an upper bunk as a full size bed as the plan is currently designed. You would have to make major adjustments to support the extra weight of a second person. You can modify the plans any way you choose to, but it would take significant reinforcement for an upper loft bunk as a double bed…..builder responsibility on that one…I would not make those modifications.


  76. Linda said:

    Jennifer…. the width of the bed is basically 46" with a bump out for the bottom step of 10". The height is 74" and the overall length, including the stair step section is just under 104".


  77. Janet said:

    What is the height under the bed, if used as a loft?

  78. Bunk Beds Central said:

    The space under the loft bed for something to slide under the loft is 51"

  79. Deanna said:

    Do you have these plans for a double/full over a double/full instead of single/twin over single/twin?

  80. Cathy said:

    I printed the materials list that you posted on August 12th. Can you tell me what additions to the materials lists would be needed to make a twin over full bunk bed please?

    Does this material list include what is needed for the frame for the lower matress (I don't see it built in the attached picture)?

    Thank you!

  81. Holly said:

    I was wondering if you have other options of payment other than over the internet? Would it be ok if I made payment through the mail via money order? Also I am assuming your company is based out of the US and I am from Canada, so I was wondering if you could tell me the cost of the plans in Canadian dollars?

    Thank you for your time and concideration,
    Holly from Canada…..looking to make a bed to last.

  82. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Hi Deanna, the plans also include a full over full version as well as the twin over twin.

  83. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Hi Holly, you can send a check or money order to:

    NorthEastern Web Solutions
    PO Box 2672
    Liverpool, NY 13089

    Please include your email so we can email you the plans.

    The price in Canadian dollars would currently be $27.68.


  84. Dave Gill said:

    Hi Linda I have a 4 yr.old and a 1 yr old. Can you send me the pictures you mentioned in a previous comment. about a top bunk and a crib underneath. I like the idea My girls are sharing a 10X10 room. So they need the space. I would think when the time came, the bed could be converted to a regular set of bunkbeds. Your thoughts?

  85. Linda said:

    Hello Dave. I designed the bed to function as a loft bed with lots of stability so that my daughter could put a crib and the chest of drawers under it for maximum space usage. When the little one gets old enough and no longer needs the crib it will convert to a lower bunk, but can also have lower bunk with drawers under it. It can even have a full size lower bunk with minimum modifications included with the plans.


  86. Kerry Morris said:

    Hi. We'd like to buy plans for a twin over full bunk bed with stairs. We'd like the bottom bed to be perpendicular to the top bed. Are these the right plans for us?

    Kerry Morris

  87. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Kerry…. the bunk bed plans can be a twin loft bed. You can place a regular double bed underneath either perpendicular or as if it were just a lower bunk. the space under the bed allows for a 74" width and a standard full size bed is only 54" wide, so you have lots of room. You can just use a regular full size metal bed mattress frame (about $25.00) and use it under the loft bunk and still have room for a small nightstand beside it.


  88. Steve said:

    I can't seem to find the latches for the front rail. Can you let me know where those may be available? Thanks.

  89. Linda said:

    I used regular barrel bolts available at any hardware store.


  90. Steve said:

    Can biscuits be used to join the bed rail to the safety rails rather than dowels? Same question for the cross rails attaching to the support posts in the panels, ABC, DEF, etc.?

  91. Linda said:

    Steve… you could probably use biscuits, but I'm not sure if I would consider them strong enough on the bed rails. The posts are only 1 1/2" so you would have to be using a small biscuit without much depth to it. Your call. I went with hard wood dowels since not everyone has a biscuit cutter, but I would still be concerned about the strength, but I'm a little overprotective.


  92. Steve said:

    On the front rail, correct me if my math is incorrect, but if the two end balusters are 2.25" and the other 12 are 1.5" with 4" space between them, then that would make the total length 74.5". Shouldn't the end balusters be 2" to equal the actual lenght of the bottom rail at 74"?

  93. Linda said:

    Steve… good eye, you're the first to catch that. I have adjusted the plans accordingly.


  94. Matt said:

    How much does the materials cost? Estimated?

  95. Amber said:

    I am interested in building my son a full loft bed with stairs. I am very interested in the bed plans you have but I want to know the material list first to see the cost. Thank you.

  96. Carla said:

    Is it possible to use the plans as a full size loft bed or only as a full over full bunk bed?

  97. Linda said:

    Carla…. the bed is designed as a twin loft bed…. you could put a full or twin bed under the loft. I would not recommend the upper bunk being a full size without extra structural bracing and major design changes.


  98. Sarah said:

    I was wondering if the 74" hieght is to the top of the side rails or is it to the be slats?

  99. Linda said:

    That is the total height to the top rail as well as the panel tops.


  100. Terri Miller said:

    We want to build this loft bed, but do not want to put the lower bed in – just leave that space open for kid toys, etc. Will the structure support that?

  101. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Terri, the plans do allow for a loft as long as the top bed remains a twin. It's not enough support for anything larger on top.

  102. Katie said:

    Hello. I have a question about the "Underloft Storage Chest of Drawer" plans that are included. Does this chest go all the way up to the loft and help support the structure (we plan to adapt for an XL twin mattress and would like the extra support)? Also, how wide across is the chest (would it take up half or less of the available space under the loft)? And does the depth of the chest extend all the way to the back of the structure? Do you have any pictures of a bed actually made with the chest underneath or a sketch with the chest under the loft? Thanks so much

  103. Bunk Beds Central said:

    You an alter the plans to suit your needs. The chest of drawers slides under the loft with about 1" clearance. It is not part of the bed support structure. I made mine 18" wide and 24" deep so that my daughter could get a crib or a twin bed (perpendicular) in beside it, but you could make it deeper and wider if you choose, just alter the appropriate dimensions to suit the height, width and depth that meets your needs.

    The standard mattress opening is 77" but if you're using an extra long mattress I would just suggest an extra mattress support bracket (4 instead of 3) and perhaps 3/4" MDF rather than 1/2" and you'll have to adjust some of the length dimensions for the rails etc. I don't have any pictures of the bed and chest of drawers together, but they are two separate units and can be used together or entirely separate.


  104. Jason said:

    I would like to place a bottom bed perpendicular. The bed is 92" wide. Is this bunk bed wide enough to place that bed underneath? Thanks!!

  105. Linda said:

    The upper bunk allows for a loft that is 76" wide. It will accommodate a twin or full size bed perpendicular, but not a king size bed.


  106. Steve said:

    Question about the stringer for steps. I see that they are 9 1/2" X 9 1/2" but I need to know what angle the stringer runs on the panel to get the cuts right. It doesn't look to be 45 degrees on the picture.

  107. Linda said:

    Steve…. you will cut the stairs on the stringer at 90 degrees with the rake and the rise at 9 1/2" each. The angle is irrelevant.


  108. ron said:

    what tools are needed???

  109. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Tools needed:

    drill and bits
    dowel jig (Rockler part 35242 for $10.00…recommended is 3/8 doweling bit with stop collar)
    chop saw or circular saw
    router with round-over bits
    having 5’ bar or pipe clamps is helpful for tight joints
    pocket hole jig (optional… but very useful)

  110. Tracy said:

    Can plan be modified to an XL twin on top and a queen on bottom?

  111. Lisa said:

    We have 10 foot ceilings. How much head clearance room would there be from the top bunk? Thanks!

  112. Cindy said:

    Love the look of this plan, but have a couple of questions. My Dad is going to build a loft bed for my daughter's playroom – the upper part will be used as a "clubhouse" most of the time. Will it support 2-3 kids ages 7-10?

    Also, I see support slats along the bottom. I would like to put a desk type set-up underneath. Is that possible?


  113. Bunk Beds Central said:

    @Lisa – the bunk bed total height is 74 inches…that's from the top of the rails.


  114. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Cindy…. When I made my bed, my son-in-law who is 220lbs got up on the upper bunk with no issues. You might want to add an extra slat support or two, and perhaps use 3/4 MDF rather than half inch for the mattress board. The bed only has slats across the bottom if you are using a lower bunk… I would suggest putting one slat across the back side of the unit if you're using it strictly as a loft bed… just so that there is no outward stress on the end panel. A desk underneath works well… the space is about 54" high and 76" long, big enough for a desk and shelving unit.


  115. jim faulkner said:

    i would like the plans to kind of bed ,only the draws are in the sides. not in the steps

  116. Sarah said:

    I am wondering if you can alter the plans to do a twin over queen perpendicular?

  117. Sarah said:

    also wanted to make the side rails taller for the top bunk…

  118. Rob said:

    Can someone please just throw a cost amount out there. Even if your off by a $100 either way, a ball park figure would be nice. Thanks.

  119. luis said:

    do you have the plans for the Woody Creek Front Load Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Stairs

  120. Jonathan Glover said:

    Just to verify, the plans include the plans to make the bottom a full bed right? And can that be adapted for a queen? Thank you!

  121. Bunk Beds Central said:

    @Jonathan, the plans include a full over full or a twin over twin. I suppose you can adapt for a queen size but the plans don't include those dimensions.


  122. Chris H said:

    I know these are plans for a bunk bed with stairs but as my rooms are tiny I need to omit the stairs. Looking at the photo it looks like the stair attach to what looks like a modified head board with a space to climb up and down. I would add some way to climb up but wanted to know if the bed would be sturdy enough without the stairs (full over full) or if I would have to add additional support some where.

    Also wanted to know what the chest is. a foot locker type or dresser type. Do you have a picture of the chest?

  123. Bunk Beds Central said:

    The plans also come with under the bottom bunk drawer storage. You can make the bed without the stairs with no problem… It's sturdy enough when the mattress rails are attached for a twin over twin. I'm very leery about making the bed into a full over full. You would have to modify the plans in width, and beef up the mattress rails to 2×6 with alot more mattress support bars to hold the extra weight of a full mattress (two people)on the upper bunk vs a twin. I would not recommend it, but it's a builder beware issue. The total length of the bed, with stairs is 103".

  124. Val Hobson said:

    Do u have a twin over double where double comes out rather than sideways (like twin) with desk on one end & dresser on another (plans only)? Thanks

  125. Brandy said:

    I'm very interested in building or buying a bed w/ this style but I want to be able to pull the beds apart and use as two separate beds when the boys are older, it doesn't really look possible because of the stairs, is it possible?
    I want full over full perpendicular that can come apart, is all that together hopeless?

  126. Andrea said:

    I am wondering if it is possible to make the bed shorter than 74". We have a ceiling fan and I dont want my son waking up and bonking his head on one of the fan blades. Maybe by taking out one of the 5 stairs?

  127. Jennifer said:

    I was wondering what the maximum weight restrictions for each of the twin beds (top and bottom) would be. Also, for the mattresses, do we just buy a plain old twin mattress or does it have to be something special??? And for the rails on the top bunk, instead of being vertical slats, can it be a couple of wider horizontal ones instead? Thanks so much!

  128. Linda said:

    Jennifer. I don't know the exact restrictions, but my 200 lb son in law has sat on the top bunk with no problem. The design takes a standard twin size mattress. Once you have the plans you can make whatever modifications you want to, just keep in mind little heads…. the standard safety code for separation between stairway posts is 4"… I would make sure that any design modifications you want to make do not allow for openings greater than 4".


    Also, the safety standard code prohibits horizontal bed slats on the top bed. A child could roll underneath the bottom slat depending on your mattress height.

    Bunk Beds Central

  129. Ben said:

    Do you or anyone have an estimate of the cost of materials?

  130. Jody said:

    Looking for answer to Andrea's question. 74" is too tall for our room with the ceiling fan. It looks easy enough to just remove one set of steps to remove 9.5 inches.

  131. McKenzie said:

    Uhmm I would like to put a desk in on the side, and a second twin bed going the opposite direction of the top twin. Also, to add some shelves in next to the second twin. Is this possible?? If it is, can you make a book on that for me? thanks!

  132. Tabi said:

    I want to built one of these, but would like to know the cost of the material?

  133. Sharon said:

    I was wondering if I could make this bed 10 inches shorter. We have a ceiling fan and Don't want to go over 66 inches.

  134. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Yes, you could… you would basically be eliminating one drawer on the stairs. You'd have to modify the plans, but can be done without a problem.


  135. Moira said:

    We move quite often. Is it easy to disassemble to a reasonably portable size?

  136. Linda said:

    The bed breaks down, but the staircase section remains in one unit. I would not call it reasonably portable, It is a heavy piece of furniture, but if you move with a moving van etc it's portable, just as any large piece of furniture would be.


  137. Steve said:

    Can I put a full on top and leave the bottom open? My son wants to have a play area/fort underneath. The Full will only be used for one person

  138. mike said:

    I have a question regarding the stringers. You say the top step of the stringer should be squared at 9 1/2 inches, with, according to the plans, 11 1/2 inch stair tops. The plans also say that the top step has a 17 1/2 inch top. Does this mean I am to put that deep of a top on a 9 1/2 inch top stringer step? I'm having trouble seeing how that will work safely. That looks to me like that leaves something like 4 to 5 inches sticking out in front. The photos also do not look like the top step of the stringer is the same depth as the other steps. Am I missing something?

  139. Linda said:

    Please refer to pages 9 and 10 of the plans. the top step is 14"deep with a 9 1/2" rise. This top step is definitely a deeper step to provide a secure base and matching the bunk opening area. If you'll look at the photo on page 10 you can see the difference in the top step from the other steps. if the front of the riser is placed 14" from the rear post as instructed on page 9 the 17 1/2 deep top will provide a 1 1/2 inch over hang which allows for the width of the 3/4 drawer front leaving a 3/4" overhang, matching all the other steps.


  140. Linda said:

    Let me be a little more specific on my reply… the 17 1/2" depth for the top step consists of 3/4" that inserts into panel J, 14" of the top step stringer, 3/4" for the stair face panel, and two inches of overhang that allows for 3/4" drawer front, 3/4" overhang and 1/2" for the rounded front of the stair board. I hope that perhaps is a little clearer with more detail.


  141. Randy Rusk said:

    Having studied the plans I purchased a few weeks ago, I am left not knowing how the panels are attached to ABC, DEF andGHI. Do they sit inside the frames or overlay?

    Also, on page 23 a safety rail of 28 1/2 in length is pictured but the distance from the top of the top rail to the bottom of the bottom rail is not indicated.

    Reading the comments listed leaves me to believe many people should never attempt this project.

  142. Linda said:

    I suggest reading the plans in full before proceeding… As indicated on page 6, first task in the building process is to build the safety rails… the rail you are discussing is on page 22 and described in depth. I'm not sure what you are asking about the panels… the ABC (and the other two DEF and GHI) are a three layer panel, the first layer is a frame, the middle layer is the plywood and rail segment and the third part of the sandwich is another frame section. These screwed together make the support panels for the sides of the drawer section and the footboard. Refer to drawings on pages 7,11 and 14.


  143. Renee said:

    I was wondering if drawers could be built into the side of the staircase? And if I can attach a slide to the top bunk?

  144. Linda said:

    Renee, I'm sure drawers could be built and a slide attached, but these particular plans do not reflect these two options. You might have to get creative. Good Luck

  145. Dan said:

    I started making the safety rails per your instructions. I cut all wood per the cut list for the safety rails from page 4. On page 25 making the rear safety rail you show the top being 80" and the bottom being 77". Neither of those cuts are shown on the list. Are those the correct sizes to cut? I'm guessing so since the bottom of the safety rail sits on top of a bed rail that shows being cut to 77". I just want to make sure before cutting them.

  146. Dan said:

    I found a couple more items either missing from the cut list or wrong size to cut. On page 7 Panel C you show the front to be 64 1/2". This is missing from the cut list. On page 16 you show the 2 bottom cross pieces to be cut at 14 1/2" which is correct, but the cut list on page 4 shows them to be cut at 12 1/2". Reason I bring this up is I went over all your plans. I bought all the wood to the sizes you listed. Then I cut the wood based on your cut list not thinking I should have to double check your cut list to your plan sizes. FYI.

  147. Colin said:

    Tried to order Rockler full back to back hinge sets #29017. They no longer exist. Do you have a replacement?

  148. Linda said:

    You can try I did not know that Rockler stopped carrying these… they are still in their catalog.


  149. Ryan said:

    I just finished building this bed, plans were easy to follow and everyone who has seen it is amazed by it. The only question I have is with the size of the bed area. The mattress area for the twin over twin is 46"x78". I can only find twin mattresses that are much smaller than this (39"x75). Why is this such a difference and what can be done so a mattress fit properly with out such a large gap all the way around. I have currently stuffed pillows against the back to avoid my son rolling off and craking his head on the bed rails. Please help

  150. Linda said:

    The extra room is to allow for mattress pads, blankets, quilts etc to be tucked in during the winter months. In the summer, when heavy blankets etc are not needed, my daughter places a swimming "noodle" along side the mattress under the fitted sheet


  151. Paul Sickorez said:

    I am quite interested in building this project for my grandchildren. I have looked at the materials list, and studied the picture of the project and a question arises: There are 5 upright pieces each about 72 inches long that look like they are about 2 x 4 stock but the materials list only specs out 1" material. ould you please clarify this?? Thanks.

  152. Reagan Vaughan said:

    My husband is a carpenter and is definite that he can build bunk beds for our girls. I have been looking at bunk beds and trundle beds for a couple of years but he seems to be absolutly positive that he can build a better product for cheaper than what I have shown himthat i want to purchase. he has just told me to get on pintrest since i just intrested him to all my little crafty thing I make and do around the house. This is the exact plan that I have been looking at sice day one I like the stair case better than any latter I have seen for safty reasons, God bless my two little monkeys 9 and 5. THey have a what i think is a small room 10 x 11 room with a full bed and a toddleir bed , I am convinced that bunks will give them alot more room. I am just cncerned about cost i know it can vary depending on what supplies you use. We have 5 children and budget is a big concern. If any one can give me what their finished cost is it would be greatly appriciated along with what wood htey cose an email would be wonderful I would love to purchase plans but kinda want a ball park figure!

  153. Dan said:

    I built this bunk bed set during weekends and evening. Took me just a little over two months. All I have to do is stain and then it's time to deliver it to my granddaughters 6 & 2. Just to give some of you the cost I had building this bed. We used appearance grade white pine (not my choice my son picked it). I did make some changes to the plans, the major one being making the stairs modular. He still lives in an apartment so I was trying to make it easier to move. So I used more lumber than what showed in the plans, plus I built the drawers under the bottom bunk. Total material cost for me was just over $1700. I purchased 90% of the material from one of the big box store in Houston. If you do build this get the jigs and tools they suggested. They really made the job easier and faster. I used more than the 200 3/8 dowels. Can't wait to see the kids faces when we set it up for them.

  154. steve said:

    while reading the prints I noticed a discrepancy between the cut list and safety rail build-up. the cut list says you need 2 ea. rails @ 46 in. and 2 ea. rails at 44 1/2 in. I see 2@46 for panel abc safety rail and 1@ 46 and 1@44 1/2 for ghi safety rail. so, unless i'm missing something, shouldn't the cut list for the safety rails read 3 ea.@ 46in. and 1 ea. at 44 1/2 in.?

  155. Tom said:

    Do these plans have an option to remove the bunks and create one twin beds with another twin bed w/ trundle?

  156. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Sorry, but these particular plans do not have the option to split the bunks, the stairway is built as a part of the whole bed.

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