Stairway Bunk Bed Plans

Build This Beautiful Bed Yourself

Build This Beautiful Bed Yourself

At long last, we finally have available a complete set of stairway bunk bed plans for sale! These plans include a complete parts list, detailed drawings, photos, and a list of the tools needed. The plans are the most complete and detailed plans available on the Internet right now for you to make your own bunk beds.

The plans show you how you can use the bed as a bunk bed or loft bed, with or without the storage chest (included). As an option, you can also place a twin size bed perpendicular in place of the lower bed.  Additionally, the plans include an optional lower chest drawer, a trundle bed, and/or full size bed.

The top rail covers the entire length of the bed for safety, yet drops down so you can easily tuck your child in at night. The stairs are sturdy enough for grown-ups to climb. The plans also include storage underneath each stair, if desired.

The bed is made of standard stock lumber and requires a drill, chop saw or circular saw, router, dowel jig, and sander. The skill level needed is considered moderate.

Everything you need to know is included in these plans.  Plans are available for immediate download once payment is made.

**Just added, full set of plans for a full over full bunk bed set-up, now included with the twin over twin.

Sample screen shots of various pages below;




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156 Responses to “Stairway Bunk Bed Plans”

  1. Paul Sickorez said:

    I am quite interested in building this project for my grandchildren. I have looked at the materials list, and studied the picture of the project and a question arises: There are 5 upright pieces each about 72 inches long that look like they are about 2 x 4 stock but the materials list only specs out 1" material. ould you please clarify this?? Thanks.

  2. Reagan Vaughan said:

    My husband is a carpenter and is definite that he can build bunk beds for our girls. I have been looking at bunk beds and trundle beds for a couple of years but he seems to be absolutly positive that he can build a better product for cheaper than what I have shown himthat i want to purchase. he has just told me to get on pintrest since i just intrested him to all my little crafty thing I make and do around the house. This is the exact plan that I have been looking at sice day one I like the stair case better than any latter I have seen for safty reasons, God bless my two little monkeys 9 and 5. THey have a what i think is a small room 10 x 11 room with a full bed and a toddleir bed , I am convinced that bunks will give them alot more room. I am just cncerned about cost i know it can vary depending on what supplies you use. We have 5 children and budget is a big concern. If any one can give me what their finished cost is it would be greatly appriciated along with what wood htey cose an email would be wonderful I would love to purchase plans but kinda want a ball park figure!

  3. Dan said:

    I built this bunk bed set during weekends and evening. Took me just a little over two months. All I have to do is stain and then it's time to deliver it to my granddaughters 6 & 2. Just to give some of you the cost I had building this bed. We used appearance grade white pine (not my choice my son picked it). I did make some changes to the plans, the major one being making the stairs modular. He still lives in an apartment so I was trying to make it easier to move. So I used more lumber than what showed in the plans, plus I built the drawers under the bottom bunk. Total material cost for me was just over $1700. I purchased 90% of the material from one of the big box store in Houston. If you do build this get the jigs and tools they suggested. They really made the job easier and faster. I used more than the 200 3/8 dowels. Can't wait to see the kids faces when we set it up for them.

  4. steve said:

    while reading the prints I noticed a discrepancy between the cut list and safety rail build-up. the cut list says you need 2 ea. rails @ 46 in. and 2 ea. rails at 44 1/2 in. I see 2@46 for panel abc safety rail and 1@ 46 and 1@44 1/2 for ghi safety rail. so, unless i'm missing something, shouldn't the cut list for the safety rails read 3 ea.@ 46in. and 1 ea. at 44 1/2 in.?

  5. Tom said:

    Do these plans have an option to remove the bunks and create one twin beds with another twin bed w/ trundle?

  6. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Sorry, but these particular plans do not have the option to split the bunks, the stairway is built as a part of the whole bed.

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