What Can I Do With The Top Bunk?

Date July 20, 2008

Bunk Beds
L. Lynn asked:

My sister and I were sharing a room together and we had bunk beds.  She has moved out and I can't get rid of the bunk beds because I'm not the one who payed for them, and I have to keep them in my room.  I haven't used the top bunk except for a big junk shelve that is no doubt my own fault.  Any ideas on what I can do with the top bed, since I only need the bottom?  It's a twin size bed with the book shelf type headboard deal.

3 Responses to “What Can I Do With The Top Bunk?”

  1. agirl4god said:

    you could put a piece of ply wood over the top bunk and put like storage boxes on it, put all your stuffed animals on it,

  2. Starry Eyes said:

    take the mattress out and put some sort of bookshelf or storage unit in it's place. put some plants up there. or set it on fire so you get a new bed:)

  3. MELONIE T said:

    I would use the top bunk to sleep in and turn the bottom bunk into a sitting area…lots of pillows

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