Is there a special type of mattress that's needed for bunk beds?

Date October 16, 2007

kandykidsaturn asked:

For Christmas my dad is buying my son a set of bunk beds, but we just don't want the flimsy little foam that is usually sold with the beds.  Is there a special kind of mattress that I can get for bunk beds and if so where can I look for them?

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  1. ???Blaize??? said:

    no just two twin mattresses

  2. Annie said:

    go to a place that sells bunks and look….. you can put reg. matts on them but that will mean they will stick up real high and the child could role off the bed, unless you put high rails on…… look around at furniture and whole sale places…… some of those bunk matts are purty good, cost more than the reg. little ones tho……. God bless

  3. noseyroseysillywillie said:

    just regular twin mattresses will do!if there are special mattresses out there for bunk beds it is just a way for someone to make money because there is no difference!good luck!

  4. thegirlwholovedbrains said:

    It depends on the bunk beds. Many have mattress thickness (height) restrictions so that the surface of the mattress is not so thick that the top bunk is unsafe (the surface of the mattress, if too high, will come too close to the top of the guardrail.)

    If there is a height restriction, and your daughter will be sleeping on the bottom bunk, you might want to consider purchasing an innerspring mattress for the bottom bunk where she will sleep, and a foam bunkie mattress for the top bunk where there will only be a person sleeping occasionally.

    If she is sleeping on the top bunk (make sure she's at least 6 years old… older is better for the top bunk) then you'll need to observe height restrictions for her safety or have a custom furniture builder make adjustments to the height of the guardrail.

    Also, you need to find out if the style of bunkbeds she's purchasing requires the use of a "bunkie board" which is a platform of sorts that stabilizes the surface under the mattress since there is no box spring used under the mattress in a bunk bed. Some beds have a platform already (you can just top these with a mattress) but some have rails that go across and you may need a bunkie board.

  5. Ralfcoder said:

    We had a bunk board mattress on one bed when we had bunkbeds. It was a thin affair, about 2 inches thick, made of wood and covered with padding and then cloth. It took the place of the box springs. I'm told that the box spring is what really makes a good mattress great, and not using one will cause a mattress to wear out quickly. But putting a full size box in the bunkbed would have made the top bed higher than the guard rail, and left only a little room above the bottom bed. Ask at the store where you (or your mother) gets the bed about these. If she doesn't get them, ask at any quality furniture store.

  6. Dave said:

    Just normal twin mattress and box springs will do ya fine..

  7. hammadfpe said:

    Contrary to what some people have said, a standard mattress with a box spring will NOT do you fine. Usage of these may cause your child to roll off the top bunk. ALWAYS FOLLOW MANUFACTURER DIRECTION.

    Always make sure that bunk beds meet ASTM F 1427. Pleas see

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