Time for twin beds? Men lose brain power in a double bed

Date December 11, 2007

I think Ilona makes a good point here……maybe they should study the US?

clipped from www.aisledash.com

A study of unmarried, childless couples in their 20s indicates that men's sleep is disturbed when they sleep next to someone, and that their mental functioning is compromised the next day. (Which means, they don't think so good.)

Although both men and women had more disturbed sleep when they shared a bed, women slept more deeply, and performed better on the tests given the next day than did men. Men also had elevated levels of stress hormones, while women did not.

Huh. Then why is it I wake to his snores, his tossing, the kids, the cats, the car on the street — and he sleeps like a log? I think they need to do this test on married couples before they draw any hasty conclusions!

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