The Futon Bunk Bed; Years Of R&D

Date November 15, 2007

Louis Zhang writes a great article about the futon bunk beds origins. He even gives great tips on buying a futon or a daybed.

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The futon bunk bed is a familiar item with college students and young couples. Asian students were the first to use futons because of their familiarity with the traditional Japanese tatami. In Japan, a large mattress is placed on a two-inch foundation of reeds woven together.
The design of a futon frame varies quite a bit between the different manufacturers. Quality futons are made of wood with the support slats placed close together. This provides comfortable support and prevents the mattress from being pressed between the slats. If the futon mattress squeezes between the slats, you'll feel the pressure of the bars against your back causing discomfort and possible back problems.
A futon bunk bed is a great choice for anyone looking for flexibility in tight spaces. They are comfortable and allow you to sleep well at night. They serve as a sofa when guests are around during the day. Futons have come a long way from their days as a second-rate sleep solution.

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