Searching for Bunk Bed Plans?

Date January 4, 2008

Bunk Bed PlansAre you trying to figure out where to put all those Christmas gifts in your child's bedroom? If you're thinking about and you are real handy with basic carpentry tools why not try building your own with these inexpensive bunk bed plans?

We've found a great set of plans for a basic set of bunk beds that are really quite easy to build. If you have the following tools;

Table Saw, Dado Blade, Drill Press with 3/8", 1/2", and 1" Drill Bits. Router/Table with: 1/4" Roundover Bit, 1/4" Straight Bit, 1/2" Dovetail Bit.

If you are comfortable using these tools, then you will enjoy building these bunk beds. If you are not familiar with these tools then you might find building these beds a challenge.  These beds can be used separately or stacked as shown. Also the safety rail on the top bunk can be removed to make it easier to change the bedding.

To purchase and download these bunk bed plans for $7.95 click here

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2 Responses to “Searching for Bunk Bed Plans?”

  1. jerry said:

    I am looking for bunkbed plans that has a desk unit on one end and maks the L shape

  2. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Jerry, we could not find any plans specifically with a desk on one end and L shaped. We have found some L shaped plans that look as though they might be easy to adapt a desk, you can check here: Sam Houston University and here: bunk beds unlimited

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