Finding Storage Solutions For Kids' Rooms

Date November 10, 2007

by Don VanPelt Kids bedroom runiture

There is a big difference between children's furniture today and what used to be just cheap imitations of adult furniture. Since children's bedrooms are often used as playrooms and studies, as well as places to sleep, the market has demanded some changes. is now made in a variety of styles that make more creative use of space. With this multi-functionality also comes an increase in the amount of stuff that collects and needs to be stored. Children today have more "stuff" than ever before, and keeping everything organized and out of the way is quite a challenge to even the most organized parents. Kids' furniture to the rescue! Furniture stores, especially online furniture stores, offer a huge range of storage options that allow you to choose just the right option for your uniquely-cluttered kid's room.

The first thing you need to do is to find usable space that is being wasted. In a child's room this space is high up. Put up shelves to keep those souvenirs and other "non-play" knickknacks out of the way and displayed nicely. This will almost always instantly free up the tops of dressers. These shelves can even border the entire room. How about that stuffed animal hammock? Stretch it across the ceiling, hung up high in a corner, to store all those plush county fair prized animals.

Another way to use wasted space is to find furniture that has two functions. Every children's furniture store has a toy box that has a cushioned, couch-like bench seat. Even those square cube chairs around the kid's table can store art supplies for your budding little artists. How many times has the area underneath your child’s bed been a warehouse for forgotten toys and the occasional dirty sock? How about pull-out drawers instead? A shoe rack on the back of the closet door is cheap and very easy to hang. They’re usually clear plastic and don’t have to always store shoes. Trucks, dolls, or art supplies can all fit nicely into one of these racks.

If you are having a hard time finding that precious “wasted” space to convert into storage space, consider creating space. Yes, create your own. A is an ideal way to add a large amount of space to any room. The empty space created by raising the bed can be used as storage, play or even for a desk. As an additional benefit, most kids enjoy the uniqueness of sleeping closer to the ceiling; it gives a kid an added perception of the world that they don’t often have.

And the last way to make more space in your child’s bedroom is simply just to better arrange the existing space that is already there. If the bookshelves are stuffed with toys or other items that aren’t books, buy some square baskets, or those colored cardboard boxes. Put those on the shelves and have your child organize their stuff in the baskets. It will not only give them a little more space, it will make the whole room look tidier and a bit nicer.

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