Dog Beds To The Extreme

Date December 17, 2007

We certainly do love our , don't we? But having a time story read to them? That is just too funny……this is for people who have serious money.

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Forget that the Hilton and St. Regis resorts are now open on Fort Lauderdale beach. Forget the $80 million redesign of The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach.

The real news in hotels this season is the opening of a whole new breed of accommodation. Rooms not for people, but for pets. Pet hotels, each with its own personality — from refined elegance to laid-back Caribbean. Suites fit for a King Charles spaniel. Places where pet owners are prepared to pay whatever it takes for first-class pampering.

Consider the new Chateau Poochie in Lighthouse Point, where crown jewel suites run $87 to $109 per night. Each suite is painted the color of a jewel: emerald, ruby, diamond. Each suite is fitted with a flat-screen TV, private Web cam, custom monogrammed bed linens and crystal chandelier. Tuck-in service is $4. Story time will set you back an additional $6. For $185 per night, your pet can snooze on a $7,000 designer sleigh bed. And the biggest perk: a Chateau Poochie concierge sleeps with your pet.

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