Bunk Beds With Stairs – Review

Date July 31, 2008

Bunk Beds with StairsBunk Beds Central's review of Stairway Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed.

What's so great about a with stairs? Well, safety for one thing! Stairs are much easier to navigate than a ladder, especially for a little one. Second, the space underneath the stairs can be used for storage. This particular bunk bed set has convenient drawers on the side of the stairs making it very convenient to store just about anything, even your children's clothes.

With the optional drawers underneath the bottom bunk, this bed is basically a dresser and two beds all packaged together in one nice convenient unit. This Stairway Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed is made of solid pine, so you know there is nothing flimsy here. This set even comes with two FREE mattresses.

Pros: Solid Pine, lot's of drawers, stairs to the top instead of a ladder

Cons: Stairs can only be placed on the left, beds do not separate

If you're looking for an "all in one" combination, that can save some major space in your kid's bedroom, you owe it to yourself to check out this great package.

For a limited time you can get 2 free mattresses and free shipping

Stairway Twin Over Twin Bunk Beds

34 Responses to “Bunk Beds With Stairs – Review”

  1. Tanya ASHTON said:

    hi do you ship to Australia and if yes how much and how long does it take or is there someone that sells them over here that you know of. Thanks

  2. Anne P said:

    I'm interested in this bunk bed but I don;t see any dimension of it on this website. Can you inform me this so that I can check if my room space is enough for this. Thanks

  3. Trisha said:

    We love this bunk bed with stairs. We were afraid of our little boys using and possibly falling off a ladder, the stairs are great, and we love the drawers on the side too!

  4. Bunk Beds Central said:

    Anne, the dimensions are as follows;

    Dimensions: 100L x 41W x 62H inches

  5. Lisa said:

    Having the stairs at the end of the bunk bed instead of a ladder has made me more comfortable about my 5 year old getting up to the top bunk, that's for sure.

  6. jason scheeler said:

    Do you sell the plans for this bed? I like making furniture and I think it would be a great project for me.

    Thanks jason

  7. Carmen said:

    Do you have a similar one in White.

  8. Steve said:

    I also wonder if you sell the plans to this bunk bed?


  9. Melissa said:

    do you sell the plans?

  10. Jenny said:

    I love this bed but does anyone know of a bunk bed with all these features that includes a trundle bed as well. I have 3 kids.

  11. kenneth gollon said:

    do u sell the plans for this if so how much?

  12. Monica said:

    I'm also interested in the plans. I would like to have this bed in something other than pine and in a different color. Thank you.

  13. Jen said:

    One more interested in the plans. I don't see any responses above. Are the plans available anywhere?

  14. Bunk Beds Central said:

    We are not aware of any plans to build this bed, if anyone knows if there is anything available, please comment on this post.

    Thank You
    Bunk Beds Central

  15. Anne said:

    Do you make this bed in white?

  16. Anne said:

    Do you make this bed in a white finish?

  17. Melinda said:

    I love this bed, but I want a bunk bed in white. I notice from the comments that I am not the only one. Most of the white finish bunk beds that I see do not have stairs and if you offered this in white, I would be first in line to buy it.

  18. CD said:

    What are the dimensions INSIDE the drawers?

  19. dannii said:

    i just wanted to know if you deliver to Australia


  20. PAMELA said:


  21. Jennifer Atkins said:

    Would buy this in a second if it came in white!

  22. chuck said:

    I looked at this set at a store,but in the set I looked at the beds seperated if ya wanted em to. I went home and drew up the plans myself built one and it's better then the one that was in the store, can put the stairs on either side..Any one inetrested e mail me bykerboy68@yahoo.com

  23. vernon said:

    I did not see a reply to the question if this bunkbed came in white?

  24. CJ said:

    I would like to have a set of plans for this bed. Has anyone sent for Chuck's home made plans? If so were you happy with them?

  25. shannon said:

    Would like the plans also please!

  26. shannon said:

    would like plans too please

  27. Sean said:

    I just sent him an email about them. I hope to hear from him because i am very interested in making this bunk bed for my 2 boys. Our 3rd will be hee sooner then we know!!


  28. CJ said:

    I sent Chuck an email last week, letting him know that I would like a copy of the plans he says he has drawn up for this bed. So far I have not received a reply. If anyone actuallly has set of plans they are willing to share, please email me. cjstay@comcast.net

  29. Terry Mays said:

    I would like to purchase this unit please contact me via email. I have my phone # as well at the message center. Thank You

  30. Lee said:


  31. Sherry said:

    Here is a link for a similar bunk bed with stairs.

  32. Linda said:

    please answer the WHITE question.

  33. Joanne Cambruzzi said:

    Do you ship to Melbourne, Australia? If so, how long would it take (roughly) and how much?

    I noticed two other people asked this question in above posts but I couldn't find the response.


  34. Joseph Gotya said:

    Yes! It does come in white!!! You can find it at a store not too far fro

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