Number One On Your College Wish List; The Dorm Bunk Bed

Date December 19, 2007

Dorm Bunk Bedby Don VanPelt

For most young people, the college dorm is essentially their first place that's all to themselves, well, with the usual exception of a roommate or two.  I've come up with a list of 7 "must-have" items that will make you stay much more comfortable.

1) The dorm bunk bed, or loft bunk bed.  Most dorm rooms are already furnished with very basic beds, a desk and a chair.  Changing your room into more comfortable living quarters will also improve your quality of study.  A ]tag-tec]dorm bunk bed [/tag-tec]will raise your bed up to allow the usable and valuable floor space underneath to be utilized to the fullest.  And don't worry about what to do with the dorm-issued military style bed, most colleges will have places in the dorm where these extra items can be stored.

2) Computer or study desk.  With the bed raised up and out of the way, a desk will fit nicely underneath your new bed.  Usually the standard desks that are in most rooms are fine.  Desks really haven't advanced much in the last two decades, a desk is basically still a desk.

3) A desk/bed lamp.  Now that the desk is underneath the bed, you're going to need more light, and a desk light is essential.  A clamp-on light for the bed is also a must if you plan on reading in bed a lot.

4) Area rug.  If there was only one transformation that you could make to turn a dull, boring dorm room into a cozy, more comfortable place to live, it would be an nice 10'x12' area rug.  For the money, this is the single biggest improvement you can make to your room.  Put a rug in and everybody will want to sit on it.  Plus, it's so much better than putting your bare feet on a cold floor every morning.

5) Some sort of seat or chair.  What's the best?  Actually, a bean bag chair; not only are they very comfortable, but they are easy to move, and come in every imaginable color.  Pick a loud color that complements your rug and really make your dorm room "pop."

6) Earplugs/Headphones.  Yes, get yourself a handful of those foam plugs that fit nicely into your ears.  There are going to be times when you wish you had them.  Another alternative is an mp3 personal music player with ear buds.  This helps a lot to drown out that sometimes annoying "dorm" noise.

7) Quarters.  Yes, get a roll of quarters for the laundry machines, and make sure you lock them up.  A roll of quarters in a dorm when the change machine is often either broken or empty can almost double in value.

If you're off to college for the first time, whether you plan on living off or on campus, this list will surely improve your quality of life.  Just remember: make the room your own, make it unique, make it your retreat while you're at college.  This will not only make you more comfortable, but also ensure better concentration, which corresponds to better grades and will usually lead you to a better graduate school or job after graduation.

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