Loft And Bunk Beds

Date May 20, 2008

loft bunk bedThere's nothing like a to save some space and perk up that perhaps drab room. What's amazing about a loft bed, which is essentially a bunk bed without the lower bed, is the amount of space it can free up in bedroom. The utilization of space underneath the bed, once you lift it off the ground, is endless. A dresser, nightstand, maybe a desk with a computer on it, or maybe a nice toy chest for all those wonderful presents your little ones have accumulated over the years.

There's another perspective often initially overlooked, it's the sleeping up off the ground one. If you've ever slept in the top bed of a bunk bed or in a loft bed, go back to sleeping on a regular bed takes some getting used to. In fact, you'll prefer being higher off the ground.

With space in our homes getting smaller, our accumulation of stuff getting larger, a loft bed is a great way to save a ton of space. The variety seems endless also, no matter what the decor of your room is, or what you are planning for it, you can find a metal or wooden loft in just about any color or style.

If your thinking about a loft or as some call it, a loft bunk bed, the one pictured here is available at a very reasonable;

$869.99 – with $20 flat rate shipping

This particular model is constructed of solid maple hardwoods and veneers. It also includes bunkie board and slat pack for extra safety.

For more information and to order this bed – click here

One Response to “Loft And Bunk Beds”

  1. Kenah Smith said:

    Do you have any metal framed full bunk beds, but with nothing under-neath?

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