Shopping for a kids bunk bed

Date November 24, 2007

by Ceci Allen

If you're thinking about shopping for a , you might be amazed at the evolution in designs that they've come to over the years. Although you can still buy kids bunk beds that resemble the traditional wooden, top and bottom, no frills style, you probably wont want to after reading about all the cool and functional modern designs they're building out of metal these days.

For example, one modern approach to the traditional kids is something called a Monster Study Loft Bed. These bunk beds are pretty extraordinary because they not only provide a super cool place to sleep, but also come equipped with a built-in desk. Whats so great about these bunk beds is that they look really high-tech. They're made of heavy gauge, powder-coated steel tubes along with chrome-plated panels and accents. As you probably know for boys, especially, lots of metal means lots of coolness. This style of kids will probably run you just a little over $400.

Another style of metal bunk bed that you can purchase either painted or unfinished, is one that is referred to as an extra large or twin over full bunk bed. This style is designed with a twin size top bunk over a full sized bottom bunk. These are perfect if you have kids that are at different ages and different sizes. The tubular constructed bunk beds can either be powder coated with different colors or unfinished for that high-tech look. They come equipped with built-in safety guard rails and ladders and will cost you around $270.

When you begin shopping around for kids bunk beds, youll eventually notice that they don't all come with the mattresses included. For bunk beds especially, youll want to look into something called a Bunkie board which is actually similar to a box spring, but specially designed for bunk beds. They will make whichever bunk bed mattress you choose, last a lot longer. Prices for Bunkie boards and bunk bed mattresses range between $50 and $300 depending on the size you need and can usually be purchased from the same place where you bought the bed.

As youll also see when you start shopping for a kids bunk bed, is that no matter if you choose a high-tech metal design or a more traditional wooden style bunk bed, it will not only save necessary space in a room that is so often cluttered, but also add an element of fun to sleep, play and/or study time.

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