Looking for that perfect Children’s Bunk Bed?

Date September 10, 2008

childrens bunk bedsSearching for a great bunk bed for your child can be confusing.  I'm sure you have many reservations about bunk beds.  Are they safe?  Is your child old enough?  What should you look for in a bunk bed?  Hopefully you will find some answers in this article.

Question 1; Are bunk beds safe? Bunk beds are safer now than ever.  Better materials, better construction, and better design have all factored into a much safer bed than even a decade ago.  Most bed bunk accidents are a result of horseplay, in fact, most injuries are from teenagers jumping around on the beds, especially college dorm lofts and bunk beds.  As long as safe practices are observed, your child should be fine.  Teach them to never jump on the top bunk and how to use the ladder correctly.

Guard rails on bunk beds are regulated by the government now and must conform to certain specifications.  There can be no more than 5 inches between the top of the mattress and the bottom of the guardrail.  This ensures your child will not slip through.

Another safety practice you should look for is the use of a Bunkie board.  This will keep the mattress secured in place and not allow it to shift which might result in gaps.  These gaps or unforeseen openings can cause the mattress to slip.  A Bunkie board will keep the mattress securely in place.

Question 2: Is my child old enough to sleep on the top bunk?

Most experts have agreed that your child should be at least six years old before sleeping on the top bunk.  But who are these experts and why are they qualified to arrive at such a conclusion?  Nobody really knows who the exact people are but studies have shown that most children have achieved a certain maturity by age six.  But only you can determine if your child is ready or not.  No one knows their children better than the parents and if you feel your child is ready, then he or she is ready.

Question 3: What should you look for when purchasing a bunk bed?

A couple of things first decide if you want a metal bunk bed or a wooden bunk bed.  Metal can be very strong and hold up to some heavy punishment, by the natural beauty of wood is the preferred choice, mostly because it provide a more comfortable and pleasant décor.

When looking at wood, you should decide if you want solid wood or manufactured wood.  Solid wood is very strong and most solid wood beds are made from pine.  The beauty and finish of a solid pine bed will last for years, possibly generations.   Manufactured wood is usually wood particles that are pressed together.  Manufactured wood is cheaper and can still be strong but will lack the natural wood appearance of solid wood.

When you're evaluating children's bunk beds, remember the above tips.  You sleep better yourself knowing that you've made a better, more informative purchase.  Most bunk beds sold, either in retail stores or on the Internet are perfectly fine.  Manufacturers and merchants alike want nothing but the safest experience for your child.

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2 Responses to “Looking for that perfect Children’s Bunk Bed?”

  1. Emily said:

    We have recently purchased a bunk bed for our two little girls. The one question I kept searching for on the Internet was how old do they have to be or what is "recommended" as old enough to sleep on the top bunk.

    You're answer is right on with no one knows your child better than you and you have to decide if your child is ready or not. Not an easy task, but our little Amy is 5 1/2 and she just loves her top bunk! Thanks for the informative article.

  2. Dawn Platt said:

    I have searched for hours on the net looking for bunk beds that have ladders that you can remove temporarily, this is important when you have young children that could potentially climb up the ladder and there is not an adult in the room at that time. My searches have left me empty handed as most bunk bed descriptions do not explicitly specify if the ladders are removable or not. Does anybody have any advice or suggestions as to where I can find such bunk beds?

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