Kids Bunk Beds, Just For Kids?

Date November 3, 2007

by Don VanPelt

Why is it that a bunk bed is so popular with kids? Remember when you were little how exciting it was to climb onto the top bunk in your friend's bedroom? Only to wonder why you didn't have a similar set-up?

The first sight of a set of bunk beds to a child is the equivalent of seeing a roomful of wrapped presents on Christmas Day. It's a place to play, and a space to call their own. Because of the popularity of bunk beds, with demand comes variety. Yes, bunk beds now have themes. Want a castle for your little kings or a dollhouse for your little princess? Of course, traditional styles and themes are still widely available.

Besides the obvious attention factor, bunk beds do serve a purpose. With space in most households at a premium, being able to put one bed on top of another is simple genius. Drawers on the bottom add functionality and a place to store kids’ valuables. How about a separate drawer for each kid? What doesn't make a kid feel more important that a small box than he or she "owns. Talk about the ultimate in floor space conservation. Two beds stacked on top of one another, and a toy chest underneath them both. Can't get that race track set laid out on the floor because there isn't enough space? Now you know how.

How fun are bunk beds? Just ask a kid, even a kid who doesn't have any. Just hang a sheet, or curtain over the bottom bunk and you have an instant fort, instant solitude, cut-off from the outside world, alone, with just your thoughts as a kid.

Since many bunk beds are built with kids in mind, they are constructed to take the abuse of a kid. Bunk beds are safer now than they've ever been; most are designed to hold up to all the jumping, kicking, pushing and pulling that kids have to offer. Plus with all the safety precautions available for bunk beds now, parents don't have to worry. Just make sure that your children use the ladder for climbing onto the top bunk. The temptation to leap in a single bound is an eye-widening adventure for some little ones, especially the boys.

Kids' bunk beds are a great space-saving solution. You don't even need to have two kids to have a bunk bed either. Sometimes the extra bunk will come in handy for those occasional friend sleepovers.

Yes, the market for kids’ bunk beds is huge. But are they just for kids? Dorm rooms that house college students are primarily stacked with bunk beds, as well as boot camp military-style housing. But what about grown ups? Don't most couples want to sleep in the same bed? (50% of you don't answer this!) So why would we as grown ups want one? Well, to decorate our spare bedrooms as guest bedrooms. Home décor is a very, very big market, and most people want the inside of their houses to shine with pride.

So send the kids to bed in style, who knows maybe they'll even want to go to bed. Combine that with the obvious allure and you have the ingredients for a parent-kid, win-win solution.

Don VanPelt is a writer for Bunk Beds Central who has published many articles about bunk beds. You can read his comments and get his recommendations on the best places to purchase bunk beds at Bunk Beds Central.

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