Just A Kid And A Kid Bunk Bed

Date November 11, 2007

A bunk bed and kids just seem to go together, despite the obvious space conservation, kids just love . Have you seen some of the themed bunk beds available for kids now? Castles, boats, race cars, children just love them all. There's something about getting on the top bunk as a kid, maybe it's because your whole perspective on the world is always from a few feet off the ground. A bunk bed automatically raises that perspective.

Available for kids are and loft bunk beds as well. Futon bunk beds actually have a built in futon that can be folded down and used as a bottom bunk. The futon can be up as a couch during the day, down as a bed for sleeping at night. The loft bunk bed is just a normal bed raised up off of the ground to give you plenty of space to do whatever underneath your newly raised bed.

also have kids themes; with desks built underneath the bed this gives your little one a place to study and sleep while occupying little floor space.

If you have already convinced yourself that bunk beds for your kids would be the perfect solution to either space problems, or just un-exciting room, then be sure to check out CNS Bunk Beds.

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