Dorm Futons; Bunk Beds

Date December 10, 2007

by Don VanPelt

futon_bunk_bed.jpgLooking for that perfect ? Not sure what to get? Maybe we can help. After living in the dorms a decade (or two) ago, I can tell you that nothing takes more abuse than dorm room furniture. Nothing! When looking for a dorm futon, do not settle for any of the new “metal” futons. While they look great, and come in a variety of colors, none of the dorm futons that I’ve come across would be able to take the abuse of dorm living. And while you’re searching for a futon, why not get one with the bed above or a futon bunk bed. I’ve seen college kids try to pack as many people on a as possible and the metal ones available at most online retailers are just not strong enough.

I’m not saying that metal isn’t capable of handling the abuse, our in our were metal, but they were square, thick, ugly and only available from a surplus or wholesale distributor. Why not get something that will not only survive the dorm, but you’ll be able to use in your new living space after graduation. For this you need to get a wood futon and that wood has to be pine. Pine is very hard and very durable. Don’t settle for plywood, veneer, or laminate. It just won’t hold up, trust me, I’ve been there.

The best deal that I’ve found for a wood (pine) dorm futon, or futon bunk bed is the Savannah Twin over Futon Bunk Bed. This twin bunk with futon bed is the perfect transitional bed set and the cushy futon can be a handy seat or an extra sleeping space;

• Easy to assemble

• Sturdy, safe construction

• Separates into two beds

List Price: $879.99
Our Price: $699.99


This is a great deal and something that will hold up well during and after dorm life.

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