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What Can I Do With The Top Bunk?

Date July 20, 2008

My sister and I were sharing a room together and we had bunk beds. She has moved out and I can't get rid of the bunk beds because I'm not the one who payed for them, and I have to keep them in my room.

Is there a special type of mattress that's needed for bunk beds?

Date October 16, 2007

For Christmas my dad is buying my son a set of bunk beds, but we just don't want the flimsy little foam that is usually sold with the beds. Is there a special kind of mattress that I can get for bunk beds and if so where can I look for them?

How to turn my bunk bed into a loft bed?

Date January 31, 2007

My sister and I got bunk beds when I was three, I'm assuming that you can take them apart, right? I'm now 16 and my sister is leaving for college after the summer. I would like to take the beds and turn them into a loft bed, but I'm not sure how safe this would be. Does anybody know about any online instructions that I could use?