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Buy A Metal Loft Bed Set – Classy And Inexpensive

Date December 13, 2007

Need more room but have limited funds available for a bigger place? A metal loft bed set could be your answer.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing A Metal Bunk Bed

Date November 6, 2007

When I think of metal bunk beds, I think of my dorm room back in college. My roommate and I had square tubular metal beds that we were able to stack one on top of the other. These beds had no style to them, they were square steel tubes and the frames were welded together so that everything was perfectly square.

Wood vs Metal Loft Beds (Bunk Beds)

Date October 22, 2007

By: Donna Somerkin If you are in the market for loft beds or bunk beds, a major choice is wood versus metal. Depending on the overall look and size you desire, you will want to choose a differently constructed bed. Although both materials are both sturdy and safe, many individuals choose either metal or wood […]