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Bunk beds must be safe

Date December 28, 2007

I was curious about bunk bed safety, so I visited several Web sites: U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (www.cpsc.gov), American Home Furnishings Alliance (www.ahfa.us), Sleep Products Safety Council (www.safesleep.org), American Society for Testing Materials (www.astm.org) and Keep Kids Healthy group (www.keepkidshealthy.com).

Creative Bunk Beds – "Playhouse" with Tent

Date December 18, 2007

Check out this beautiful creative bunk bed which comes with a slide and tent. Raymond furniture introduces this playhouse twin/twin bunk bed.

Dog Beds To The Extreme

Date December 17, 2007

We certainly do love our pets, don't we? But having a bed time story read to them? That is just too funny……this is for people who have serious money.

Beautiful White Bunk Beds

Date December 17, 2007

There is a sense of beauty and class that hovers over a set of white bunk beds. White makes a great accent color for any color room and these white bunk beds will add that unique charm to any room.

Bunk Beds – Free Shipping!

Date December 12, 2007

One of the hardest things about buying bunk beds on the Internet is getting them home. Shipping can be expensive because of the size and weight of the beds, but when free shipping is offered, this can save you hundreds of dollars.

Time for twin beds? Men lose brain power in a double bed

Date December 11, 2007

I think Ilona makes a good point here……maybe they should study the US? clipped from www.aisledash.com A study of unmarried, childless couples in their 20s indicates that men's sleep is disturbed when they sleep next to someone, and that their mental functioning is compromised the next day. (Which means, they don't think so good.) Although […]

Best Futon Bunk Bed Deal On The Internet – From Powell Furniture

Date December 10, 2007

Best Futon Bunk Bed Deal On The Internet – From Powell Furniture

Country styling and functional sleeping space are combined in this wonderful bunk bed. Top twin size bed and lower full size futon bed are great for siblings, sleep-overs, and story time.

Couch That Turns Into A Bunk Bed

Date December 5, 2007

Just an ordinary couch? Well, this one's a little different, it actually folds up into a set of bunk beds. Check out these pictures.

Cheap Bunk Bed

Date December 2, 2007

Looking for a cheap bunk bed? But don't want to sacrifice quality? Because of the Internet revolution a world market has opened up, and this is good.

IKEA Grossby bunk beds

Date December 2, 2007

Did that price take your breath away? I can’t believe it is only $79.99. I know a lot of people will question about the quality as soon as they see the price.

Perfect Bedding for Your Bunk Beds!

Date December 1, 2007

For a football fan, no gift could be better than sleeping under the logo of their favorite team. Unlike toys, this gift won't be tossed away in a few months

Buy A New Bunk Bed Online?

Date November 27, 2007

by Don VanPelt

Purchase something as large as a bunk bed online? Is it possible? And how to avoid getting ripped off online. These common questions answered.

Fresh Start To Homeless With Children Bunk Beds Fundraiser

Date November 23, 2007

The furniture bank located in Scottsdale, AR is launching a buy a kid a bed campaign. They're targeting grandparents who are on fixed incomes that are the primary caretakers for their grandchildren. 5,000 bunk beds for the kids is the goal. Way to go furniture bank!

I'm Thankful for My Comfy Bunk Beds

Date November 21, 2007

Has anyone ever been able to get their cat to sleep in a bed you actually made or purchased for the purpose of them sleeping in? Especially bunk beds? My cat would sniff this set-up once and that would be the end of it. Never paying attention to it again. clipped from blog.pennlive.com I'm Thankful […]

Are Bunk Beds Easy To Put Together?

Date November 20, 2007

by Don VanPelt

The term “easy” is relative. What is easy for one person might be hard for somebody else and vice versa. Most bunk bed assembly requires only very simple household tools to be able to put your new bed together, such as a screwdriver or a wrench.