Need More Storage Space For The Kid's Room?

Date July 18, 2008

Bunk Beds and Storage SolutionsAs one of the most efficient, space-saving designs, bunk beds are a clever way to maximize space in a way that's both fun and functional. And even though the children will be sharing a living space, it is still possible and preferable to talk to each child individually to determine how he or she wants their room to look. After making lists of each, you may be surprised to find that the children have more in common than you think. Make sure you give each child personal space, and a place to call their own even if it's just a drawer somewhere. Luckily, bunk beds allow for this kind of flexibility.

When designing your child's shared space, begin by dividing the area into three sections. One for each child, and the third for the shared section (activity area, or desk.) Decorate each child's section according to their pre-determined choices. Make sure to involve your children as much as you can in the process; you may find that as you do so, the concept of sharing a room may grow less bizarre to them.

Bunk beds are made for sharing a room. Thanks to today's innovative designs, bunk beds have maximized all available nooks and crannies for storage, and allow for each child to take ownership of their space. If your children have a lot of toys and games, it may be necessary to invest in a combination toy chest/book shelf unit, and it can easily be coordinated to match your bunk bed.

Everybody needs a space to call their own. Find some way to make sure each child has a personal area (maybe with their picture or handprints on it), for their special treasures. Some bunk beds come with dual dresser systems; this should help make this task easier. Bunk beds usually come with an individual bookshelf or two so kids can keep their favorite things near by. If you have the space, it might be a good idea to give a child an individual lockbox for keeping their extra special treasures private. .

To make sure your children keep their shared space clean and orderly, insist on a daily, quick cleanup time. Also, it's a good idea to get them to go through their toys and toss the broken ones, or the ones they've outgrown.

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