How To Build Your Own Bunk Bed Castle

Date July 15, 2008

Introductionbunk bed castle

Most of us would like to sleep in a castle. Now, those lucky few of us who have a bunk bed can. Simply follow these directions, and soon your child will be spending the night in his or her very own enchanted castle. Dragons need not apply.

Difficulty: This is for someone who has considerable experience/imagination

Things You'll Need

  1. Jigsaw (or friend with Jigsaw ?)
  2. ½ -inch Plywood
  3. Graph paper (for sketching out design)
  4. Paint
  5. Paint brushes and other application devises

Step One

Use a bunk bed that has extra sturdy construction, preferably wooden. Check to ensure that all the fasteners and supports are all in place, and that there are no sharp points or edges.

Step Two

Sketch plans on graph paper. Depending on your artistic ability, this may take some time. Draw exactly what the castle will look like, everything from towers to drawbridge, and any other extras you want your castle to have. Measure the area and draw to scale

Step Three

To make the front of the castle, use ½-inch plywood to cut out your design. Make a drawbridge with an arched window on each side. This will be attached to the long side of the bund bed on the room-facing side.

Step Four

What’s a castle without watch towers? Make square tubes large enough for a child to comfortably stand inside, and allow for an opening in each to allow access into the towers. If these are too complicated to make, just make the façade of the watch tower, with a little peep window for your castle prince or princess to peek out of.

Step Five

There is no limit to your castle, just your imagination (and your skill with a jig saw). Think spiral staircase, moat, fountain, or real ropes to use to pull your drawbridge up over the bottom bunk.

Step Six

You’re almost there! Painting is the best part. Get your child involved in the fun…use whatever colors you’d like, and throw in some glitter, if you’d like.

5 Responses to “How To Build Your Own Bunk Bed Castle”

  1. Justin Wilkes said:

    Fascinating. very good article that was.


  2. Glenn Franxman said:

    Wow, that's really cool. I built a similar bed for my son, except it isn't a real bunk bed — only 1 matress, but it does have a dungeon! My boys castle bed can be seen here.

  3. Gardenowl said:

    Thank You!! I thought this would not be hard and then I got scared when I googled it and now I am confident again. Tonight the girls will have a simple fairy castle to sleep in.

  4. JERRY ORTEGA said:


  5. Lady L said:

    So do I understand correctly you begin with a pre-made bunk bed?..or do you make the bunk bed from scratch?

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