Build Your Own Bunk Beds: Space Saving Solution

Date January 25, 2011

Build Your Own Bunk BedsIf you should choose to build your own bunk beds, rather than purchase a pre-fabricated set, then you will be able to save space, save money and gain plenty of pride.  Often the quality of workmanship is much higher for those people who build their own things, rather than buy something quickly thrown together in a factory.  There can be quite a bit of work involved in the construction, but if you are fairly handy with a saw, drill, screwdriver and tape measure, then you can handle this type of project yourself.

The first thing you need to do is purchase a set of bunk bed plans.  Familiarize yourself completely with the entire process before you begin.  From there, you will be able to build your own bunk beds with the step by step instructions provided.  Purchasing a set that comes complete with pictures will make it far easier to accomplish this task.  Take your time, measure carefully, and you will be able to look at that piece of furniture with pride for years to come, knowing that you were able to do it yourself!

There are many different designs of bunk beds that are available, and if you want to build your own bunk beds then you will have nearly as many options as your imagination can come up with.  Choose from ladder styles, staircase versions, forts, lofts and more.  The possibilities are nearly endless, and you can custom fit them to the space that you have and the specific needs of your family.

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