Who's In The Top Bunk? Mills or McCartney?

Date November 25, 2007

Now that the talk about possible tapes has emerged, everybody wants to know what is on these tapes.  Is this Watergate all over again?  Actually, a presidency is not involved here, but it is Paul McCartney.  Couldn't he be considered the president of music?

Yes, the tapes.  The British press have created a frenzy wanting to know if in fact Heather Mills, 39, was going to release these so-called "therapy sessions" between her and hubby Paul McCartney as they recorded themselves trying to work out their differences in 2005.  "Who doesn't want to hear them?" claimed one reporter.  The couple could probably sell these and make more money than the GNP of most small countries.  But, they are in Heather Mills’ possession.  It used to be automatically yours if it was in your possession years ago, right?  Not with the onslaught of lawyers today.

If you're not familiar with this case, it can be summed up for you in a few sentences.  Mills publicly came out on just about every talk show she could find to talk about how she is suicidal and very depressed over losing someone that she has loved, as she puts it, forever.  What she actually did was pick up the fumbled football and run in the wrong direction, scoring a touchdown for the other team.  McCartney's defense team is now using this worldwide admission to prevent Mills from having full custody of their four-year-old baby girl, Beatrice, questioning the fitness for duty of the mom.

On with the media blitz and the constant barrage of reporters trying to get a sentence or two out of Heather Mills newly appointed spokesperson, Michele Elyzabeth.  The old one was fired because of this backfire heard around the world.  So far the only whispers are that Paul mentioned he might have hit his first wife Linda once or twice.  Really?  This is what the Mills defense has said so far?  It’s no surprise that little tidbit slipped out.

What else?  Heather Mills and Paul McCartney actually slept in bunk beds while they were married?  That's a good one.  With the amount of money and the lavish lifestyle that rock stardom can bring, can you honestly believe that the couple would sleep one on top of the other so to speak?  While others' sleeping arrangements are really nobody's business, everybody wants to know where this couple was sleeping, or rather how they were sleeping.  It's American Idol to the extreme, once an idol is chosen, nothing is sacred, the masses want to know the little lifestyle secrets so they can imitate.  It's much easier to imitate someone's habits, rather than their singing ability.

So who's actually in the top bunk?  It's Paul McCartney, of course.  After all he did lead the invasion into the US and become king here, too.

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