Family gets scare after car crashes into home and into bunk beds

Date December 31, 2007

Hard to believe, sometimes you aren't even safe in your own home. A car crashes through? Unbelievable.

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BELLE FOURCHE – There are a lot of what ifs running through the minds of Scott and Teresa Cass right now.
The Belle Fourche couple was asleep in their two-story home Thursday night when they were jolted awake by the sound of a vehicle plowing into their house.
Scott ran downstairs to the room of his two daughters, Kelsey, 7, and McKenna, 6,??expecting to find the worst.
Then he remembered that his mother, who was in town for Christmas, had taken the girls for the night and they weren't there.
"It was the only night since I can remember that they haven't slept in their beds," he said.
The man's dark blue four-door vehicle had crashed through the wall, hit the bunk bed and pushed it through the closet on the other side of the room. Several walls, upstairs and downstairs, cracked from the impact and the floor joists in the house have been compromised, Scott said.
Scott said he thinks the driver was intoxicated and he kept mumbling "don't call the cops; I'll fix it; I'll pay for it."

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