107-year-old woman commits suicide off Bunk Beds

Date November 25, 2007

Amazing, a person who's 107 years old ends up committing suicide, that's a truly newsworthy event.

clipped from www.earthtimes.org
Hong Kong – A 107-year old woman suffering from flu committed suicide by hanging herself using the cord from a pair of trousers from the top of a , a media report said Friday. The woman, Leung Hau, was found in the family's flat by her 87-year old son, who untied his mother before raising the alarm, the South China Morning Post said.
Ambulance personnel confirmed Leung was dead at the flat in the working class Yau Ma Tei district of Kowloon.
She had told her son and his wife that she wanted to die because she did not want to be a burden, but they had not taken her seriously.
Iman Fok from the Society for Community Organisations said Leung's suicide was "bizarre" and she may have had other problems that she had not told her family.

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