Premonitions and Bunk Beds?

Date January 20, 2008

You hear about this kind of phenomena all the time, people can actually foresee an event that is about to happen. There are so documented cases that it's hard to ignore. Waking up in the middle of the night, grabbing your kid on the bottom bunk, then moments later having the top bunk fall in? Well, it happened in Arkansas…..

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Vaunda Johnson from Arkansas woke up one night, got out of bed, went into her two daughters’ bedroom and removed one from the bottom bunk, taking her to her own bed. Moments later, the other daughter screamed. The bunk beds had collapsed. If she hadn’t removed the one daughter she would have been crushed.
Helen Tillotson from Philadelphia woke up one night to answer the door, being shocked to discover her mother, asking why Helen had been knocking at HER door. This was impossible. Helen had been asleep. Moments later, the mother’s flat exploded due to a gas leak.
We use words such as premonition and precognition with certain belief systems attached. These belief systems come in two forms. First, that they imply foreseeing the future; and second, that they are a specific type of phenomena.

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