How to Baby Proof Your Nursery

Date November 30, 2009

baby-proof-nurseryAs soon as you’re putting together the nursery, it’s time to begin baby proofing it so it is safe for baby to live in.  This is often done before the baby is born.  Remember that the baby will be spending a great deal of time in the nursery so you need to make it the safest room in the house.  When you are decorating the nursery, think always of safety and you will do well in keeping it safe.  Everything from anchors for furniture and outlet protectors needs to be thought of in order to keep the home as safe as possible.

You Baby Will Develop Very Quickly

Don’t forget that your baby will develop very quickly and if you wait until he or she is crawling, an accident could happen before you know it.  Babies are intensely curious and can get into just about anything.  They put all things they can in their mouths so small objects must be out of the way.  If it fits through a toilet paper roll, for example, it is too small of an item to be in baby’s hands.  Babies use their mouths to explore things so you can expect everything to go in their mouth.  Choking hazards are important things to pay attention to.  The baby should not be able to climb up on anything to get to a small object so keep them out of the baby’s sight.

General Safety Tips Around the Nursery

Anchor bookshelves, drawers and other tall items to the walls so that they don’t get tipped over by baby’s arms. When babyproofing use safety outlet covers to protect any unused outlets as wet fingers in the outlet can result in an electrocution injury.  Babies also put metallic items inside outlets, which is equally dangerous.  Tape down all loose electrical cords so that baby cannot chew on them.  Longer cords are especially dangerous because baby can become tangled or strangled by the cord.  Try to keep as many cords or electrical outlets behind furniture so you won’t have a problem with baby getting a hold of them.

Electrical Appliances Safety

Burn hazards, such as heaters, lamps, fireplaces, stoves and light bulbs should be kept away from baby.  Make sure these items can’t be pulled off of a cupboard or countertop.  Don’t forget to baby proof Your heating vents as in winter they can become extremely hot so you should use plastic vents instead of the traditional metal vents.  Use furniture to keep baby away from such vents.  If there is a portable heater, keep it away from baby so he doesn’t get burned on it.

A big baby safety hazard can be blankets, clothing and stuffed animals pulled out of drawers in the nursery.  Keep latches on the drawers to keep baby out of the drawers.  Make sure baby cannot throw a flammable item onto a heat source, including light bulbs.  These can start fires very easily.  Try to use fluorescent light bulbs, which are much cooler than incandescent bulbs for the nursery.  Keep stuffed toys and blankets out of baby’s hands unless you are constantly watching them.  Keep the crib as spare as possible so that baby cannot suffocate in the crib unattended.

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