9 Ways To Avoid Invisible Dangers To Infants

Date November 3, 2010

Did you know the way to distinguish the "Musts" from the "Shoulds" for
your baby safety equipment?

Maybe you have made your list? Here are the baby-proofing items that need
to be at the must-have tippy top.

I understand that we don't all have hundreds of dollars to throw down the
all-essential childproofing budget gap. To help the security of the
serious yet financially fainthearted, I've labeled them into the "musts",
which means that you should not care where you get them, but good
parenting requires them.

For those who have more than 1 kid (or are easily distracted), consider
the more distractions you have in your home, the more dis-tractable you
are, the more important your baby-proofing is.

Right here (in order of importance) 9 baby proofing stuff you "must" have
to keep the baby safe:

1. A Good Gate: Even if you reside in a ranch-style home or an apartment
with no stairway, there will be rooms or areas you won't want your baby
wandering into, so an excellent gate is completely a must-have
babyproofing purchase.

2.  A Blind Winder: The number of babies strangled every year due to
dangling blind as well as shade cords is actually devastating. In fact,
the Consumer Product Safety Commission lists cords among the "hidden
dangers" parent's don't think of. There are numerous inexpensive blind
winders out there, but if you have to manually re-wind the cord
immediately after every use, then you won't use it.

3. Anti-Tip Anchors: If you have a climber (or potential climber) on your
hands, furniture straps are a must. Whether it's a dresser or a shelf,
attach these weighty pieces of furniture on the wall with anti-tip straps
to stop the furniture from tipping over.

4.  Fireplace Safety: The hard stone around the fire hearth can be very
harmful with little ones close to. Its sharp edges and rough stone corners
can cut, and also seriously hurt a tripping child. You need to choose one
of the numerous good hearth bumper pads available on the market.

5.  Corner Edge Bumpers: You can protect the corners of your end-tables and
coffee tables with corner and side guards. One-dimension-fits all because
you cut the foam to fit your particular table precisely.

6.  Outlet Covers: For used outlets with cords, you can buy a cover that
will prevent your child from unplugging the cord and messing with the
electric outlet. They are best for higher-traffic areas where you will be
plugging and un-plugging items usually.

7.  Childproof Latches for Cabinets and Drawers: Drawer latches are also a must-have for childproofing your home. They will prevent your growing
infant from reaching intact drawers with sharp or tiny items stored
inside. Ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, or home office. Choose childproof
latches that won't let your little one to have even a hand inside.

8.  Railing Net: Stair as well as railing nets may also be a must if your
railing spindles are further than 2.5 to 3 inches apart.

9.  Bath tub Safety Items: Bath-time is always fascinating for a growing
baby. Keep it safe by using some of these little accessories.

a. A bathtub thermometer to gauge water temperature.

b. A bathtub safety rail to help your little one get in and out from the
tub safely.

c. A faucet cover that will protect her little head from nasty bumps.

These are the most important baby safety equipment items out there.
Consider them as an important investment you will make in the years of
growth and exploration still ahead of you.

About the Author: Bonnie Ryan is writing for the designer baby bags for mums
blog, her personal hobby blog focused on rules to help mothers and fathers
to get data to become much more eco-conscious and make their particular
eco-friendly baby diaper bags.

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