Entries from May 2008

Design Tips To Create Space in a Crowded Home

Date May 23, 2008

Tina has some good suggestions here, we agree with her assumption that finding furniture that serves more than one purpose is highly desirable in crowded living conditions. Bunk Beds and especially loft beds can serve a dual purpose.

Loft And Bunk Beds

Date May 20, 2008

There's nothing like a loft bed to save some space and perk up that perhaps drab room. What's amazing about a loft bed, which is essentially a bunk bed without the lower bed…

Girls White Bunk Beds

Date May 18, 2008

This is a beautiful white, twin over twin, wood bunk bed. Perfect for your little princess and her guest. This bed also comes with an optional trundle bed and drawers for even more sleeping or storage space. The bed is made of rugged, durable hardwood, which will stand up to even the roughest kids. The […]

Cheap Loft Beds

Date May 15, 2008

Cheap Loft Bed | Only $499 – $20 flat rate shipping | Ships next day. Perfect for kids bedroom or the college dorm

Plans For Bunk Beds On A Budget

Date May 12, 2008

Times are tight nowadays, and if you’re at all handy with tools, you may have considered building some furniture for your family. If you’re thinking of choosing bunk beds as one of those plans, please make sure you take extra time to research…

Bunk Beds And More Beds

Date May 6, 2008

So I thought it was about time for me to get a new bed. You know how it is—bad breakup, out with the old—and in this case, I kicked both the guy and the lousy bed to the curb.