Entries from December 2007

Bunk beds may collapse, watchdog says

Date December 11, 2007

Two models of bunk beds have been recalled by the Victorian-based manufacturer following a warning by Australia's consumer watchdog that they are unsafe. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commissioner (ACCC) urged consumers to stop using the Asteroid and Comet bunk beds made by Hercules Iron Pty Ltd because of a risk that they could collapse […]

Time for twin beds? Men lose brain power in a double bed

Date December 11, 2007

I think Ilona makes a good point here……maybe they should study the US? clipped from www.aisledash.com A study of unmarried, childless couples in their 20s indicates that men's sleep is disturbed when they sleep next to someone, and that their mental functioning is compromised the next day. (Which means, they don't think so good.) Although […]

Best Futon Bunk Bed Deal On The Internet – From Powell Furniture

Date December 10, 2007

Best Futon Bunk Bed Deal On The Internet – From Powell Furniture

Country styling and functional sleeping space are combined in this wonderful bunk bed. Top twin size bed and lower full size futon bed are great for siblings, sleep-overs, and story time.

Buy Futon Bunk Beds

Date December 10, 2007

Here are some of the finest quality futon bunk beds available today. Night & Day Furniture has the best manufacturer warranty in the business….10 years!

Dorm Futons; Bunk Beds

Date December 10, 2007

Looking for that perfect dorm futon? Not sure what to get? Maybe we can help. After living in the dorms a decade (or two) ago, I can tell you that nothing takes more abuse than dorm room furniture. Nothing!

Check out these great Futon Bunk Beds from Simply Bunk Beds:

Date December 9, 2007

Great futon bunk beds from $579.00 – free shipping

Current Futon Bunk Bed Specials at Amazon.com

Date December 9, 2007

Futon Bunk Bed Specials going on right now!

Look! It’s a Sofa! It’s a Bed! No, It’s a Futon Bunk Bed!

Date December 7, 2007

Multi-purpose tools are great – but so is multi-purpose furniture! We are all called upon to be multi-taskers, doing double duty so much of the time. It’s great to know that futon bunk beds can do the same for us, whenever and wherever we need them.

Bunk Beds For Your New Place?

Date December 6, 2007

by Don VanPelt

So you've found a great place that's all to yourself. Now you have to personalize so that it's yours and has your own signature to it.

Couch That Turns Into A Bunk Bed

Date December 5, 2007

Just an ordinary couch? Well, this one's a little different, it actually folds up into a set of bunk beds. Check out these pictures.

Can You Decorate Your Child's Bedroom On A Strict Budget?

Date December 4, 2007

Decorating your child's room can be an overwhelming task, unless you take a step back and approach the project one step at a time, especially when it comes down to financing your project.

Used Cheap Bunk Bed and Kids Bedroom Set $450

Date December 4, 2007

If you live near the Frisco Texas area you can email Sean for more information and pictures.

Cheap Bunk Bed

Date December 2, 2007

Looking for a cheap bunk bed? But don't want to sacrifice quality? Because of the Internet revolution a world market has opened up, and this is good.

IKEA Grossby bunk beds

Date December 2, 2007

Did that price take your breath away? I can’t believe it is only $79.99. I know a lot of people will question about the quality as soon as they see the price.

Perfect Bedding for Your Bunk Beds!

Date December 1, 2007

For a football fan, no gift could be better than sleeping under the logo of their favorite team. Unlike toys, this gift won't be tossed away in a few months