Entries from November 2007

Buy A New Bunk Bed Online?

Date November 27, 2007

by Don VanPelt

Purchase something as large as a bunk bed online? Is it possible? And how to avoid getting ripped off online. These common questions answered.

107-year-old woman commits suicide off Bunk Beds

Date November 25, 2007

Amazing, a person who's 107 years old ends up committing suicide, that's a truly newsworthy event. clipped from www.earthtimes.org Hong Kong – A 107-year old woman suffering from flu committed suicide by hanging herself using the cord from a pair of trousers from the top of a bunk bed, a media report said Friday. The […]

Who's In The Top Bunk? Mills or McCartney?

Date November 25, 2007

Now that the talk about possible tapes has emerged, everybody wants to know what is on these tapes. Is this Watergate all over again? Actually, a presidency is not involved here, but it is Paul McCartney. Couldn't he be considered the president of music?

Shopping for a kids bunk bed

Date November 24, 2007

by Ceci Allen

If you're thinking about shopping for a kids bunk bed, you might be amazed at the evolution in designs that they've come to over the years.

Fresh Start To Homeless With Children Bunk Beds Fundraiser

Date November 23, 2007

The furniture bank located in Scottsdale, AR is launching a buy a kid a bed campaign. They're targeting grandparents who are on fixed incomes that are the primary caretakers for their grandchildren. 5,000 bunk beds for the kids is the goal. Way to go furniture bank!

I'm Thankful for My Comfy Bunk Beds

Date November 21, 2007

Has anyone ever been able to get their cat to sleep in a bed you actually made or purchased for the purpose of them sleeping in? Especially bunk beds? My cat would sniff this set-up once and that would be the end of it. Never paying attention to it again. clipped from blog.pennlive.com I'm Thankful […]

Are Bunk Beds Easy To Put Together?

Date November 20, 2007

by Don VanPelt

The term “easy” is relative. What is easy for one person might be hard for somebody else and vice versa. Most bunk bed assembly requires only very simple household tools to be able to put your new bed together, such as a screwdriver or a wrench.

How much woodworking skill must a person have to build a bunk bed?

Date November 18, 2007

Question: How much woodworking skill must a person have to build a bunk bed?
Answer: Not very much.

Transitioning From a Crib To a Bed

Date November 17, 2007

Experts recommend keeping a baby in a crib until they are two or three years of age. Some children may be ready earlier. If they are frequently climbing out of the crib, this could be dangerous and hasten the necessity to move to a bed.

The Futon Bunk Bed; Years Of R&D

Date November 15, 2007

Where the futon bunk bed originated from and what to look for when purchasing.

The Many Benefits Of Loft Bunk Beds

Date November 12, 2007

Alternative bunk bed style to the traditional twin over twin bunk bed. A loft bed can give a room much needed floor space when living quarters are cramped. Seth does a good job here providing all the benefits you would get by using a loft bunk bed.

Futon Bunk Beds – A Kids Bedroom Saver

Date November 11, 2007

One thing that you can never have enough of in your kids bedroom is space and futon bunk beds can help get you more space with a cool new look.

Dorm Room Decoration

Date November 11, 2007

Patrick talks about futon chairs as an inexpensive, small, practical furniture solution for most dorm rooms. A futon bunk bed compliments the arrangement nicely.

Just A Kid And A Kid Bunk Bed

Date November 11, 2007

A bunk bed and kids just seem to go together, despite the obvious space conservation, kids just love bunk beds. Have you seen some of the themed bunk beds available for kids now?

Finding Storage Solutions For Kids' Rooms

Date November 10, 2007

by Don VanPelt

There is a big difference between children's furniture today and what used to be just cheap versions of adult furniture. Children's furniture is now made in a variety of styles that add more creative use of space.